Tasting Menu

Tatare de thon
Tuna tatare with olive mayo, pickled green tomatoes, aromatic herbs & beetroot-sesame vinaigrette

Le petit Marseillais
Rich fish broth with various mussels, pickled kumquats, fennel & rouille

Steak frites
Grilled flat iron with fries, aioli, watercress & sauce bearnaise

Gateau Marcel
2 layer chocolate cake with a broken coconut gel & rum braised pinapple

Must be ordered by the whole table

3 courses 395
4 courses 445

Please ask your waiter about wine pairings for the menu.

Pain maison
Sourdough bread with whipped butter

Filtered water, sparkling & still

Les caviars de maison Antonius

Caviar Siberian
The caviar from the Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baerii, is characterized by an intense, complex flavor with a distinct and clean finish that lingers in the mouth.
One can sense the presence of aromatic and woody notes, along with a rich umami.
The color varies between black and gray with tones of brown and green.

30 grams 345

Caviar Oscietra
Oscietra caviar comes from the sturgeon species Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, also known as the Russian sturgeon.
The caviar has compact, resilient roe beads with a smooth and velvety texture. It is characterized by a creamy taste with hints of umami, nuts, and butter, balanced with a delicate saltiness. Oscietra caviar melts in the mouth and has an unparalleled finish.
The aroma is released gradually and manifests as a complex and refined, expressive palette of flavors.
The color varies between gray, brown, and olive green with golden nuances.

30 grams 595

Blinis & crème fraîche
Butterfried buck wheat blinis & crème fraîche

Les hors d’euvre

Les huîtres
Sentinelles oysters au naturel with mignonette & lemon
3 pcs. 125 - 6 pcs. 225 - 9 pcs. 315 - 12 pcs. 395

Langoustines gratinés
Langoustines cooked with parsley-garlic butter, grilled lemon & aioli

Croquettes de lapin
Croquettes with confied rabbit with lardo & ramson mayo

Panisse & piment
Crispy chickpea fritters with baba ganoush & grilled frigitelli pepper

Pain maison
Sourdough bread with whipped butter


Les entrées

Ris de veau
Fried, glazed sweetbreads with sunchoke puré, burned & pickled pearl onions, tuscan kale & jus with ras-el-hanout

Terrine de foie gras au torchon
Foie gras terrine with pistacio nougatine, sweet condiments & bitter salad in vinaigrette

Thon mi-cuit
Flash grilled tuna with olive mayo, pickled green tomatoes, aromatic herbs & beetroot-sesame vinaigrette

Le petit tatare
Steak tatare with toasted mustard seeds, mushroom aromatique, crispy chips & smoked egg cream

Artichauts avec fromage de chevre frais
Fried artichokes with fresh goat cheese, walnuts & honey vinaigrette

Les escargots
1/2 dozen snails, braised in Pastis with parsley garlic butter & puff pastry

Les plats

Grain fed rib-eye from Uruguay, garlic-parsley butter, watercress, fries & sauce bearnaise

Pithiviér au lapin & foie gras
Pie with rabit confit, foie gras, pata negra & mushroom duxelles.
Served with Brussel sprouts, sauce Perigeux & fresh truffle

Poisson du jour
Catch of the day with green peas à la Fransçaise, smokey bacon, heart salad & fish fumet

Tatare du boeuf
Steak tatare with toasted mustard seeds, mushroom gel, crispy chips & smoked egg cream.
Served with salad & fries

Moules frites à la créme
Danish line mussels with salted lemon cream, sweet basil, garlic-parsley butter, fries & aioli

Les fromages et desserts

L’assiette de fromages

Selection of ripe French farm cheeses, served with the usual suspects

Comté 24 months, Morbier & Brilliat Savarin
3 pcs 135

Comté 24 months, Morbier, Brilliat Savarin, Epoisses & Roquefort
5 pcs 175

Comté 36m aux truffes
Comté matured for 36 months, refined by Marcel Petit, with black truffle & crispy bread

Gateau Marcel
2 layer chocolate cake with a broken coconut gel & rhum braised pinapple

Crème brûlée
Need we say more ..?

Selections de Sorbets
3 variations of sorbets